About Us


The rich history of Sarcone’s Bakery began in the year 1918 when an Italian immigrant by the name of Luigi Sarcone opened up shop at 758 South Ninth St., Philadelphia.  Luigi, an apprentice baker, went out on his own and began to lay the foundation for what would become Philadelphia’s most recognized, trusted and successful bread bakery.  Since the time that Luigi launched this fledgling venture, four generations of Sarcone men have continued to build on the recipe that was brought to Philadelphia by their Italian ancestor.

This 5th-generation, family-owned and operated bread bakery has become a fixture in South Philadelphia’s Italian Market.   Over the 90-plus years, Sarcone’s Bakery has shown its resiliency and agility time and again, surviving two world wars, the Great Depression, and several economic recessions.  In September of 2000, again – surviving a fire that would have grounded many businesses for months.  Sarcone’s not only survived the fire but was opened for business the very next day.  The city recognized this effort by presenting a citation to Sarcone’s for an “outstanding effort in the face of adversity,” underscoring Sarcone’s an outstanding product and customer commitment.

Sarcone’s Bakery uses the original brick oven to bake their delicious breads and rolls and never uses preservatives.  These baked goods are crusty on the outside and soft on the inside, making the perfect bread to accompany any meal or to make sandwiches and hoagies.